I'm on a quest to learn new techniques for shooting photos and creating something spectacular. I love the feeling of depth, multiple dimensions in photographs, surreal yet realistic and lifelike. Some people go crazy editing their photos and it ends up either looking like junk or too much like a computer model than a photograph. I came across a technique I want to try and focus (pun intended) on, focus stacking. As I learn more I'll post updates of my experiences, things I did right, things I did wrong.

When I first saw Max Rive's "Above the Comfort Zone", I knew focus stacking was something I need to learn more about. Here's the photo that caught my attention:

For now, here are some links I'm looking at to learn more before diving in:





 I'm a big fan of 500px.com and love that they have a lot of tutorials and interviews with photographers to discuss technique and how they got started, things they learned, what they look for when shooting. I highly suggest taking a look at https://iso.500px.com/category/craft/tutorials/